Monday, May 30, 2011

A New Year, A New Start!

2011. A good year after my last post.

But i'm back with a bang!
I've learned to accept the inevitable - I lack the commitment (for now) to promise daily regular updates. What i will promise however, is delicious deliverings of everything culturally relevant PLUS a bit more, when i do post.

I have a great feeling about this time!

So thank you all for your patience. I promise it will be rewarded!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Failed Resolutions

Well, we can all see from my last post that i have commitment phobias.

Nearly half a year has passed and i am stil failing my (few but greatly appreciated) followers.

so, i have created a sister blog to run alongside this one.

I thought that a total revamp, might once again inspire me to finally, actually and truly commit to something for a change.

I will keep this one running of course, except possibly less frequently (which, if you look at my record isnt much of a challenge!)and dream up ways to spice up the content etc.

please keep reading!
mucho love

Saturday, December 19, 2009

She Returns.

Hello dear followers and readers,

after over five months absence, i am pleased to announce that i am returning to the blogging world!

Some may blame my absence on a forgotten password, others laziness - but that is no longer relevant!

Summer holidays are here which means new inspiration, longer, hotter days, tans, beaches and Christmas.

The minimal clothing encouraged by hot weather fair from limits style - it inspires it. For if you are only wearing two items of clothing, you want to make sure that they stand out and are the best two items you can possibly lay your hands on.

the blog will take a hopefully more regualar format - posts of things i like, exciting new fashion names and news that i feel worthy of you and also weekly/twice weekly outfit updates.

These outfit updates are specifically important to me, as it is something i adore doing. We all love those days when you simply wake-up with a gorgeously planned outfit in your head. I plan to detail mine, before adding and describing how to take it from different looks, e.g day to night, party to beach.

Here's to early resolutions!
au revoir x

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A certain lack of expertise

My lack of posts is extremely obvious as my blog technological skills have also disappeared.

I failed to attach my images from the last post.
enjoy, x

The Latest Craze

First there was bebo, then myspace, facebook and FML.

Be prepared to experience the newest and fantastical fashion social site.

Introduced to me by a very good friend, has taken our circle of friends by storm. Its a fantastic invention that allows you to create collages and pictures of clothing and fashion items, celebrities, whimsacal images and the like.

Extremely Addictive, i challenge you to a polyvore-off.


(below some of my creations : ] )

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rain on My Parade

I find the best way to cheer myself up on a cold and dreary rainy day is through clothes.It is often said that colour can influence our feelings and emotions so surely by combining this with great style and cut, it hits the jackpot?

Today i find myself in one of those moods: heavily influenced by the weather. The view out the window is grey and miserable, not a mood that i wish to stay in.

I turned a floral frilly-edged "granny style" tea dress temporarily into a skirt. Under that i tucked a cherry red drooped neck poloneck before covering the join with a Topshop white and red waist belt. Teaming it with black opaque tights and a polka dot, black and white swinging jacket cheered me up no end!

In fact, i loved the colour scheme so much i employed it in my lunch choice too: a cheese, ham and tomato toasted sandwich!



Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It came to me quite suddenly: an almost obsession with making random lists in my head of anything and everything. From music I wanted to download to colours I wanted to paint my nails, Things that make me happy to things that piss me off.

In effort to control and organise these haphazard lists that never quite seemed to make it to pen and paper, I decided to start with a different approach.

One day, reminding myself that I had a blog which I had not written in for weeks a flashing lightbulb joyously appeared above my head. Why not, I thought to myself, Alphabetise and combine all my random lists! Each entry would start with a letter of the alphabet (preferably in order) and in it I would list and explain all the things I liked, music, clothes, hits and misses etc that started with that particular letter. Genius! Brilliant! I commended myself on the creative idea. Until I got to the letter “Z”.